Our strategies go beyond needs-based planning. CFS works towards optimal results, year-to-year.

By diversifying our clients' investments across varying classes of assets, rather than selling a suite of products, we work to provide income, growth, and tax benefits for our clients. CFS's goal is to build wealth without the limitations of predetermined needs and goals, reaching for optimal results.


Once a peril occurs, it cannot be undone.

Your various insurance contracts and assets are all that you have to protect you when the unforeseen happens. CFS will review all of your contracts, all of your insurance policies, and all of your legal instruments to ensure that you are adequately protected. This is essential to the conservation of one's wealth in the event of a claim.

CFS works to protect our clients' assets, income, and life value.


Liquidity is like air. You cannot breathe without it.

Too often, individuals are prematurely advised to invest in stocks, bonds, property, and businesses. Without sufficient liquidity, most investment strategies are structurally weakened by the reality that the client may need access to funds that are being invested. We dig deeply into our clients' lives, ensuring that we understand their short-term and long-term needs so that adequate liquidity is available.